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Welcome, I'm Marta

Professional Web Developer that specializes in developing clean, effective and smart  websites.


Specialising in

Building website in php and mysql. CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress. Front end development: html, css, jquery, javascript and much more.


and AJAX


and CSS

About me


A little about myself.

My name is Marta and I am a website developer based in Melbourne Australia.
Originally I'm from Argentina and move to Australia to learn as much as I can, and I did!
I worked for companies and organizations like Oxfam Australia, Visual Identity, CHE Proximity and Hyundai Motor Argentina.
I'm curious and passion about my work and love to try and implement new technology in the sites I build.
In my free time I become a saxophone player, I like travel, sports and SUNSHINE!

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Personal Info

Marta Tacus


Experienced webdeveloper with over 8 years track record.
Professional web development and specializes in developing clean, effective and smart websites.

Work Experience  

Digital Developer - CHE Proximity 2012 to present

Working collaboratively with the team to ensure delivery of quality products on time and on budget. Development of EDMs, landing pages and microsites. Have an excellent understanding regarding different browser capabilities. Thoroughly test all code. Social media integration. Front end development. Research and development. Articulate technical subjects to internal and external stakeholders. Integrate code with Facebook API, AJAX, Wordpress or Joomla.

Backend Developer - Visual Identity12-2006 to May 2008, 09-2009 to 06-2012

Translating approved site maps, documentation and Photoshop layouts into to Drupal (CMS) websites. Installing and configuring Drupal. Creation of custom content types and modules. Database design (MySql). Writing SQL statements. Coding php pages and php templates files. Coding php classes. Comment and document code to ensure it is easy for other developer to collaborate and edit. Dynamically creating xml from php queries of MySql. Testing work cross platforms and browsers. Ensuring work meets web standards, validates and uses semantic design principals. Estimating accurately time taken to complete tasks. Brainstorming with team to develop solutions for technical and design challenges. Production of php, flash, html, xhtml, javascript, css, and xml to industrial best practices and where applicable (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. Optimizing and cutting up of images from approved photoshop layouts. Ensure work is maximum quality in minimum file size. Ensure work is completed to time and budgets set. Ensure smooth flow of work to deadlines set. Testing and debugging projects to ensure correct functionalities. Ensure that code is secure and due care is taken to secure any websites or applications produced. Ensure work meets specifications as outlined in relevant project documentation Assisting with the setup and running of software and computer systems to aid development. Configuring apache and other server software.

Web Developer - Hyundai Motor Argentina / Suzuki Motorbikes 07-2008 to 08-2009

Re-designed the Hyundai extranet adding security login screens and more functionality. Designed coded and implemented the front-end and back-end of a site for Suzuki Dealers in which they can make budgets and consult spare-parts. Provide a class adodb connection to postgres. Designed, coded and implemented a Visual Fox Pro system with postgres database which deals with the dispatch and states of the vehicles.

VIVA Developer/Database Programmer - Oxfam Australia08-2005 to 09-2006

VIVA is an application use by volunteer staff into the Organization. The project consisted in updating this application, like add more functionalities and fix bugs, as well as change it from the original operating system where it was running from Linux to Windows. To go ahead the main duties were: Upgraded, migrated and tested the database (from MySql to MS Sql 2005) for a new standard windows environment taking care of fixing bugs and adding additional functionality as well as removed functionality from the front end application that was no longer required. Migrated and upgraded PHP to the latest version, from Linux to Windows, and the web server from Apache to IIS. Tested and documented all these procedures. Designed and implemented a new booking system programmed in PHP with a MS SQL 2000 database connection. This is an internal system to make bookings.


My Skillset

  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • MySQL
  • JQuery


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